A stable and reliable communication system forms the backbone of your daily business and the design of its architecture also needs to cater for your future growth and development.

An ideal system needs to be future proven and must be scalable and flexible enough to provide multiple functions. With our expertise in IT and telecoms market, we have successfully assisted a number of organizations to build up the system for better communication.

Our Services/Solutions
  • Avaya : Collaboration products
    • Long History and worldwide largest PBX provider
    • IP Office System : Support up to 2000 extension and integrate voice, video & mobile solution
    • Voice Recording : Support on-demand or always on recording system for individual extension.
    • XT Video Conference integrate Room System, Mobile and iPAD
    • Mobile AppServer : Support iPhone/Android app connect to Office PBX and save roaming cost

  • .
  • UC Phone
  • SX & MX Video conference
  • Spark board all-in-one cloud based Video, Audio and presentation smartboard

  • Unify /Siemens Solution : IP PBX products
    • Hipath IP-PBX Solution

  • Polycom Solution : Video Conference products
    • Polycom provide full range IP base video and audio solution
    • CX & VVX Lync Phone
    • Analog & IP Base Soundstation conference

  • Redbox : Voice Recorder
    • Widest range of business and finance communications systems and record voice, video, IM, and PC screens – all captured efficiently on our single server platforms. Even with multiple communications systems we can cover these with the same, single solution without a problem