Efficient and reliable corporate communication network is of paramount important for business sustainability. We have a strong bilateral partnership with major local and international carriers. It enables us to provide different telecommunication solutions, and to cater for your actual business needs of flexibility, stability, security, scalability and robustness.

IPLC – International Private Leased Circuit
Services available:
  • 2M, T1, E1 up to OC3 Point to Point IPLC
  • HK – China, Taiwan, Asia, US & Europe IPLC service
  • Exclusive, secure & dedicated leased line for maximum up-time, data security and reliable connectivity
  • Low latency, better resiliency and bandwidth management, esp for transmission of video, telecommunication and applications that require real time communication
  • Support self IP management as IP address and internal routing can be completely transparent
  • Various communication speed for choice, i.e. 512K, 1M, T1, E1, E3, upto OC3 Point to Point IPLC
MPLS VPN – Multi Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network
Services available:
  • 2M, T1, E1 up to OC3 Mashed VPN
  • HK – China, Taiwan, Asia, US & Europe MPLS service
  • Uses Classes of Service (CoS/QoS) and priority queuing that enhance speed, reliability and data quality
  • Speed - Faster data transmission with the use of labelling technology to perform lookups for destination and routing than standard IP table lookups.
  • Reliability – 1. Greater security for protection against privacy infringement and data loss because of various kinds of security threats; 2. Proactive network monitoring and management
  • Data Quality – 1. Allows network segmentation and make it possible to assign packet priority for better utilization of network bandwidth, i.e. higher priority will be given to voice than pure document; 2. It provides an excellent way of forwarding latency-sensitive applications, and has become a leading technology since it ensures speedy flow of network traffic.; 3. Faster data restoration when connection is interrupted
  • Cost Savings - Reduce costs significantly, especially when voice and video traffic are involved
  • Scalability, Availability and Performance - Response time and performance are increased as the number of "hops" between network points can be reduced; MPLS also allows any-to-any connectivity which reduces the cost of total investment, esp management and maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery - Increased flexibility for disaster recovery as it allows connection of data centre to cloud in multiple redundancy ways and enhance connection of remote sites to backup location if need - no switch or backup virtual circuit is need
  • Various communication speed for choice, i.e. 512K, 1M, T1, E1, upto OC3 Mashed VPN
  • 1.5 - 8M ADSL/VDSL Internet
  • 2M – 10M Metro Internet with 8 – 256 Fixed IP
  • 2M - DDN Internet with 16 – 256 Fixed IP
Local & International Carrier Partner for IPLC, MPLS & Internet


China : China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile

Oversea : NTTC, PACNET, SINGTEL, Verzion

HK & China Carrier Partner for T1 / E1 IDA-P, SIP Telephone Line


China : China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile